Meet Peter

2024 Study NT Student Ambassador

My journey into data science is driven by the significant impact of information technology in our daily lives. This realisation led me to pursue a Master of Data Science at Charles Darwin University (CDU) – one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The university offers endless personal and professional growth opportunities, from development activities to networking events. The supportive academic environment and the chance to work with like-minded people enhance the experience of studying here. 

Darwin has been more than just a place of study; its diverse cultural landscape has allowed me to connect with various traditions and cultures. Darwin's tropical climate also reminds me of my home in Vietnam, adding a layer of comfort and making it feel like a second home. The warmth and friendliness of the locals have made me feel welcomed and part of the community.

The Northern Territory is a land of opportunity, growing more robust and innovative daily. I'm excited to contribute to its development. My time here is about more than just education; it's about being part of this vibrant area's future.

I sincerely hope my story inspires others to explore the opportunities at CDU and experience Darwin's outstanding community and lifestyle. It's a fantastic place to study, work, and grow, surrounded by people who are always eager to help and support each other.

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