Accommodation options for international students

It is important that as soon as you have confirmation of your study location in Australia, to start looking for accommodation that suits your needs and budget. 

Australia's Northern Territory has a range of options available for international students, including purpose-built student accommodation, boarding facilities, private rentals and homestays.

Factors to consider when selecting accommodation:

  • How close is it to your education and training provider?
  • What is nearby? (shops, parks, restaurants, public transport)
  • Always confirm the total cost and any other expenses you may be required to pay, such as a bond and utility fees, and ensure they are included in your accommodation agreement.
  • Use the Study Australia cost of living calculator to get an estimate of your expenses and how they vary across Australia. 

You’re legally obliged to pay for your accommodation, cleaning and maintenance expenses on time. You also have the legal right to feel secure in your property and to live in accommodation that is well maintained with working electricity and water.

If you have problems with your accommodation, talk to your real estate agent or landlord (if renting), your international student support staff for on-campus living or your homestay service providers.

Alternatively contact the Tenants’ Advice Service, a Northern Territory-wide, community-based advice and advocacy service for residential tenants.

International students under 18 years of age must have suitable accommodation and welfare arrangements while they are studying in Australia. 

International students can now apply for the Study NT Accommodation Grant.

Check out the different types of accommodations available.