tropical storm in Darwin
18 January 2024

Are you cyclone ready?

With the wet season upon us in the Top End it’s important to be prepared for cyclones. 

Things to be mindful of ahead of time include having your cyclone kit ready, knowing where your nearest cyclone shelter is and having a plan in place for your animals. 

Cyclones are dangerous because the winds be destructive, and heavy rainfall and storm surges can cause flooding in low-level coastal areas. Cyclones range in severity from category 1 (least severe) to category 5 (most severe).

Everyone in the Northern Territory should a cyclone emergency plan. 

Cyclone emergency plan basics: 

  • Ensure your accommodation meets cyclone resistant construction codes (is ‘built to code’), or arrange to shelter with friends, family, or in a public shelter
  • If you do need to evacuate, identify safe routes to your place of shelter
  • Ensure you have an emergency/evacuation kit ready to use 
  • If there is a cyclone threat, stay tuned to local media for advice and instructions.

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Image credit: Tourism NT/Paul Thomsen (Wildfoto)