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Australia’s tax system

Before you start working as a Student Visa holder, you must apply for a Tax File Number to receive an income in Australia.

If you study in Australia for more than six months, you should expect to pay the same tax as an Australian citizen. Depending on how much you earn, your employer may deduct tax from your pay each period (PAYG withholding).

At the end of the financial year (30 June), you must lodge a tax return to the Australian Taxation Office, and you may receive a tax refund. There are tax agents and accountants who can help you lodge a return.


If you work in Australia as an international student and are paid $450 or more per calendar month, you may be entitled to superannuation.

You employer is usually required by law to pay money into a superannuation (a mandatory retirement saving account) for you. These contributions must be at least 9.25% of your ordinary earnings, and you are entitled to choose your own super fund. If eligible, you may be able to access this money when you permanently leave Australia.

For more information go to the Australian Tax Office website.