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Merry Christmas from StudyNT

StudyNT will like to wish everyone a merry Christmas, happy holidays and a prosperous 2018!

Christmas is one of the main cultural celebrations in Australia. According to the 2016 Census 52% of Australians classify themselves as Christians. Therefore, Christmas is observe all over Australia as a public holiday.

Which means that some places are closed on the 25 December (Christmas Day). Please make sure you make your grocery shopping prior to Christmas Day.

The holiday period is also a time when students enjoy a well-deserved study break. Although, some students take the opportunity to go back home to visit family or travel. Some students make the most of their experience by spending the holidays in the Territory.

There are great advantages for students who make the choice to stay as they can take advantage of seasonal working opportunities, enjoy the weather and use the time to visit some of the Northern Territory’s (NT) incredible parks and natural reserves that come alive during the wet as migratory animals make their way to the tropics, flowers are in full bloom and waterfalls get fuller providing visitors with great photo opportunities.

Spending Christmas in the NT can be a unique experience for some of our international students like Jayan Malla from Nepal, who is staying in Darwin over the break to celebrate with friends and work.

Jayan said, “Christmas in Darwin is very different to Nepal, during this time temperatures can drop down to -2℃ in Nepal while in Darwin temperatures are in the low 30s with blue skies and sunny days!”

“I like spending Christmas in Darwin because it’s different and there are so many working opportunities and activities during the Christmas break.”