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International students interns for your business

StudyNT hosted an October Business Month event to inform and promote international students as interns for local businesses.

With over 60 attendees the event was a great success, highlighting positive workplace experiences for both local businesses and interns.

The Hon Phil Honeywood from the International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) gave an informative presentation on the positive aspects of having international student interns and talked about the different perspectives, skills and knowledge that students can bring to workplaces. In particular for business looking to enter or grow their business in an international market, because of the inherent cross-cultural understanding that international students bring.

Potential employers also had the chance to hear firsthand accounts from former interns and businesses that had successfully hosted international student interns, with Deloitte and NT Airports sharing their experiences.

Roopali Misra from Charles Darwin University and Robyn Connell  from Navitas Professional, talked about the process of how employers and interns are matched and the ongoing support for students and employers to ensure the best outcomes.

If you would like more information about hosting an international student intern please read International students: a guide for Territory employers with information for prospective hosts plus case studies of hosts and former interns.

To receive resumes of potential interns for your business contact:

Please email StudyNT@nt.gov.au for further information about international education and training in Australia’s Northern Territory.