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International Education and Training 101 in Alice Springs

The Alice Springs community learned what’s involved in hosting international students in Central Australia and now they’re looking at the next steps - attracting students for longer term study, attracting study tours for short term visits, and attracting Alice Springs families to offer homestay.

StudyNT hosted an International Education and Training 101 course in Alice Springs last week. Local education providers, businesses and council members attended the training delivered by the Hon Phil Honeywood, the Chief Executive of the International Education Association of Australia.

Phil Honeywood gave a comprehensive overview of international education in Australia, highlighting the potential opportunities and challenges for Alice Springs. Robust discussion was held over the three hour session on how to get more international students studying in Alice Springs, with Phil providing some excellent advice for the local community, encouraging them to prepare business plans and marketing strategies to promote Alice Springs as an international student study destination. Phil also encouraged attendees to focus on the positives in Alice Springs that make it ideal for international students, such as their cultural diversity, employment opportunities and tight-knit community.

The training was delivered in response to a request from the community following the October Business Month event International students: interns for your business.