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Have you got you tickets for the October Business Month Great Debate

‘Are millennials the best generation in the workforce?’

Millennials have copped their fair share of criticism over the years, with some using words like entitled, lazy, selfish, smashed avocado devotees to describe them. However, some of today’s most influential people are millennials. Would you describe Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as lazy? Airbnb’s Brian Chesky as entitled? In fact, many young professionals of today are hardworking people who only need the benefit of time and experience.

Australian entrepreneur and investor Steve Baxter and social demographer Claire Madden will team up with Territory FM host Mel Little, StudyNT’s own student ambassadors Michael Sullesta and Grace Bui and other Territorians to explore the future world of work. The experienced panel have broad, first‑hand knowledge in interpreting social trends and the implications of generational change on jobs of the future.

Suitable for all generations, this event will give you a better understanding of multigenerational workforces and the challenges and opportunities across all industries and sectors as part of the fourth industrial revolution - Industry 4.0.

Which side will you be on? Weigh in on the conversation - this is sure to be a dynamic, surprising and informative event.

Where: Alice Springs Convention Centre
When: Thursday 3 October, 8:00am

Where: Darwin Entertainment Centre
When: Thursday 3 October, 5:30pm

To find out more information and to purchase your tickets go to the OBM event booking portal.