​Hi, I’m Enggar, I’m studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education majoring in music here at Charles Darwin University (CDU).

The main reason why I chose Darwin is because it’s really close to my home town. I can visit my parents regularly, like once every six months or once every year, so I don’t feel like I’m really far away from my family. It’s an English speaking country, it’s really friendly and I feel accepted wherever I go.

At CDU the class sizes are much smaller than at many other universities. So I really know my lecturers and I feel comfortable asking questions. My lecturer, Paolo, always makes the class interesting and engaging. I love how interactive it is.

I found people in Darwin really helpful when I first moved here, so now I help new international students feel at home too. And in my paid job I get to work with children, so I am already applying my Bachelor of Education in the real world.

After a busy day I like to meet up with friends. Darwin is such a young, friendly city, it’s the perfect size for me.