Meet Ying

Hello, I am Ying from northeast part of China, Heilongjiang Province, you can call me Barbara. Before I came to Charles Darwin University (CDU), I worked in a media company for many years. With a strong willing for further study, I quit my job and chose Charles Darwin University for a new start. Now, I am pursuing my master degree in Professional Accounting at CDU.

Some of my friends asked me why I quit my job in China and came to Darwin to study. It is true that compared with other cities in Australia, such as Sydney and Melbourne, Darwin is a quite small city. But, the co-existence of many different cultures makes it a unique place that impresses me a lot. In addition, with a superior geographical location, Darwin is gradually becoming an important exchange platform between Australia and China which will give me more opportunities in the future job seeking.

Charles Darwin University is one of the top universities in Australia, especially in Northern Territory, with intelligent students from all over the world and professional staff and faculties which contribute to high-quality teaching and management. I believe that the two years' study at CDU in Darwin will be definitely a good experience for me.