Meet Tommy

For Tommy, Darwin’s proximity to his hometown of Kupang, Indonesia is very important, as is Darwin’s warm weather. 

Charles Darwin University’s partnerships with universities in Indonesia enable Tommy to complete some of his study at home.

My name is Antonius Mikhel Salem, but they call me Tommy. I’m from Indonesia.

Currently I’m studying Diploma in Business. I’m going to start Bachelor of IT next year. The first thing, because Charles Darwin University has partnership with one of the colleges in my hometown, which is University of Nusa Cendana, so I think if I study here, I can take Charles Darwin University to my hometown, so they can have exchange students. I have family here, so they can look after me, they can help me with my study and other stuff.

I have lots of friends from different background, when we sit together we can share our ideas, we can talk about our culture, it’s fun to have lots friends from different background.

One thing I like about Darwin because Darwin is pretty much the same with my hometown, which is Kupang in West Timor, Indonesia, the weather, everything pretty much the same, so I like that.

I’m teaching hip hop dance, back to Indonesia I’m a dancer, I have a dance crew there. So I just go to my friend’s house and teaching dance.