Meet Shuyao

I’m Shuyao, a Chinese girl. I am a year 11 student studying at Darwin High School doing courses in English literature, science, and even mechanics!

School life in the Northern Territory is full of opportunities and challenges. The subjects are engaging and link closely to daily life, so I think the study system in the NT is very useful to my future pathway. The teachers here are skillful and often get us to do some experiments in the outdoors in groups. It seems quite different from studying in China, but I love it.

Life is an amazing journey for me, I live in a wonderful environment and everything surrounding me is full of love and happiness. I am fun and easy-going in my daily life, and I am lucky because my families are also.

I love singing and I have taken part in some singing competitions at school; it’s amazing to sing on the stage in public. I had many friends to study with and we made lots of unforgettable memories. I have also made some friends in Darwin and they help me, especially with English.

Maybe the Northern Territory is not as famous as other parts of Australia but it has the most natural and multicultural environment. Because of the small population, Darwin is very quiet and peaceful, that is why I like to study here. There is so much happening in this part of Australia, including development, and I believe that the future in the Northern Territory will be better and better.

I started my new life in Darwin two months ago. The city is full of natural beauty - wide beaches, rainforests, and high and low scattered buildings. I live in my aunt’s home; she is warm-hearted and helps me a lot in my life. Moreover, I’m so glad that the people here are friendly; they always give me a big smile even if I don’t know them.

I can’t wait to visit the many beautiful sights in the Northern Territory. Nothing is more fantastic than a red sunset over the city and a beautiful starry night. This is just the beginning of my story about studying in the Northern Territory. Just wait and see…