Meet Sam

Being alive is to experience new adventures, to overcome challenges and to learn endlessly. I love to interact with other people; they enrich me with their life stories that I could not afford to try all myself, for the time is precious. My life’s goal is to educate the younger generations and to contribute back to the society. That is why I am studying a Bachelor of Education at Charles Darwin University.

I believe in learning beyond the classroom walls. We should blend with the nature and community we live in. Currently I am an active staff member in a local non-government organisation using my talent in design, technology and media communications to reach a wider community. I have prior experience in media broadcasting, corporate services and event management.

I have had the opportunity to work with the Aboriginal corporation, interacted with the local Indigenous people and visited community housing in the Greater Darwin area which allowed me to learn about the oldest continuous culture on earth with their unique stories.

During my time in Darwin, I have attended and organized community events including NAIDOC week and Youth Homlessness Matters Day. I appreciated the local government support in community events such as Darwin Festival, October Business Month and Territory Day. It was a great privilege to witness these special moments full of creativity and effort from local residents.

On a previous visit I had the wonderful experience of staying at a cattle station not far from Darwin and being involved in tagging calves and preparing cattle for transport by road trains for export to my country, Indonesia. I also had the privilege to meet Indonesia’s representative from the Ministry of Agriculture who visited the graziers. From that experience I came to a realisation that the Northern Territory has a strong relationship with Asia.

I spend my free time outdoors. Find the right time during low tide, walk further down the coast on the rock platform until the glorious sunset dipped beneath the horizon. Spend the afternoon bushwalking, spot various birds and capture their beauty before they fly away! Indeed, the Territory is a birdwatcher’s dreamland.

Dive into the rockholes in Litchfield National Park, swim in refreshing Berry Springs, enjoy an early morning boat ride in Darwin River Dam. Relax at the wharf, feel the nice sea breeze, wait for a Barra to bite the lure and hope for sea turtles to swim across.

Savour Bowen mangoes like no other days, hunt for magpie geese before they’re gone. Surprised by green tree frogs in the toilet bowl or carpet python in the middle of the road, but nothing beats the cuteness of agile wallabies as they forage on the ground.

And the wet season comes…lightning flashes like paparazzi’s camera, the dirt roads turn into mud. The bright orange poinciana blossoms adorn the city. Then the waterlilies carry rainwater and turn the burnt bush into lush green floor. What a magnificent view we have in the Top End.