Meet Sakar

My name is Sakar. I am from Nepal, also known as the Land of Himalayas.

I have chosen to study a Bachelor of Accounting at Charles Darwin University (CDU) in Darwin. CDU’s recognition in my home country and its facilities made me choose it as my study destination. I am also planning to do a part-time work in my uncle’s accounting firm in Darwin, so that I can get additional knowledge on the field I have chosen to study.

I am an easy going guy with a love for food. Darwin is my first time abroad, far from my home country. Already, I love this place. The atmosphere in Darwin is beautiful and less crowded.

During my research on internet about CDU, I found various scholarships provided to international students. The Study in Australia’s Northern Territory Scholarship was an option I chose because it would decrease the financial burden from my parents regarding the fees.

The application process was not that tough, as it only required a short letter and referral letters from my teachers college. The moment I knew I was granted the scholarship I was so excited that my phone fell from my hand while reading the email. The opportunities it provides to the students are appreciable.

I found the climate both a bit hot and rainy when I first landed at Darwin airport. Since then I found this place very exciting and diverse. My uncle has helped me understand the life here. I have also met many Nepalese brothers and sisters here studying at CDU.

While the study style in Nepal and Australia have vast differences, I look forward to have a great time here at CDU and enjoying the Territory lifestyle.