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Meet Raguib

Studying in Australia's Northern Territory - a warm, inviting and friendly place.

Hi everyone! My name is Raguib. I am a Bachelor of Education (Graduate Entry) student at Charles Darwin University. Although I am from Bangladesh, I completed my previous university degrees in the United States. I have an Associate’s degree in computer systems, and Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in chemistry. I am currently studying toward a secondary school teaching qualification. My major teaching area is science and minor teaching area is information technology.

I am very interested in the topic of science literacy. I hope to see an enlightened future where the vast majority of people are scientifically literate and socially conscious citizens of the world. A key to improving science literacy of any given society is to ensure proper science education at the secondary school level. After obtaining my degree and subsequent teaching experience, I hope to do research on science literacy among high school students and perhaps do a PhD on this topic.

This is my first semester in Australia. I chose Charles Darwin University because it offers a graduate entry option, where existing degree holders (degrees that are not in education) can enrol and complete the Bachelor of Education degree in two years, instead of the usual four. In addition, the naturalist and scientist, Charles Darwin, is a personal hero of mine. Getting a degree from a university named after him is an added bonus.

I also wanted to study in a small city environment where the people are relaxed and friendly, there isn't a lot of traffic and the beaches and the scenic attractions are nearby. After arriving in Darwin I was not disappointed. The university staff and the teachers were very friendly and there was an excellent week-long orientation program.

I was most impressed by the commitment of Northern Territory Government in the area of education, and especially by its warm welcome to international students. All new international students were invited to a Minister for Education’s welcome function in Northern Territory's Parliament House. During this function, international students were invited to apply for StudyNT Student Ambassador positions. Since then, I have applied for and have become a Study NT Student Ambassador. What a great experience so far!