Meet Naoto

I was born in a small town called Ayase in the Kanagawa Prefecture, which is located near Tokyo. I had many chances to have contact with people from different countries because there is a US military base near my house. There are Brazilians and southeast Asians living there who I came to know.

During my junior school years, I belonged to a marching band club and we participated in parades given by the soldiers at the military base and we taught them origami, judo and about also about Japan. But I could not communicate well. This was what triggered me to want to be able to speak English.

After I decided to communicate better, I had a strong feeling that I would like to study abroad and go to Darwin. There are only a few Japanese people in Darwin and the school is on campus in the university, so I thought Navitas Darwin would be the perfect study environment. Also, Aboriginal culture remains strong in Darwin. When I belonged to the marching band club, I had the opportunity to play the didgeridoo and became interested in them. Looking back, it was my first connection to Australia.

All of the above is why I became interested in Darwin. I always think that there are seven billion people who live in the world but I’ve only met a few of them. Therefore, I want to talk to a lot of people from all over the world and I want to see the world in its good and bad aspects. I would like a future job that allows me to connect Japan to the rest of the world. I would like to help to know wide world have more experience of Japanese people.