Meet Linh

When I first finished Year 9 in Vietnam, I was given two choices move to Darwin, Northern Territory (NT) or Queensland. However, after researching about the two cities, both my parents and I agreed that Darwin was the best decision.

Darwin is a very small, but diverse in nationalities and a very multicultural city. Here I get to interact, share and learn new things from people from different backgrounds every day. The outback is just stunning. There was only one thought that came up in my mind when I jumped off the cliff to cold water after spending hours bushwalking under the scorching sun, and that was 'lucky I chose the NT'.

The education here is absolutely more than I expected. Subject selections are wide ranged, and the support from the school and government is just massive.

In the very short one and a half years, the NT has given me uncountable opportunities. It gave me my first few jobs, a list of new friends, academic awards and even an aircraft driving certificate that I would never dream of.

 I myself feel very lucky that I chose the NT.