Meet Joseph

Friendly and supportive teachers have helped Joseph’s studies. Joseph found it very easy to find part-time work and his job has really improved his English language - both speaking and understanding others. Joseph plays many sports, including soccer and cricket and finds it easy to travel around Darwin.

My name is Joseph. I’m from Vietnam. I’ve been here for four years. I’ve been in Darwin High School for three years. I do math, English, and accounting for this year, last year I did science - physics and chemistry. I also do physical education.

The teachers are really friendly. They supporting us; they help us no matter what. My favourite teacher is the principal. He is the best principal ever. He doesn’t act like a principal; he acts like one of the friends of mine. He doesn’t sound like a principal, which is really good though.

We got a beach, really nice beach, we got markets every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The city is really… it’s not that big, but the good thing about the city is you can get around just by walking, a bike.

The Northern Territory Day, they have fireworks, it’s really nice, I love fireworks.

Outside of school I have a job, my job is to serve people at front end. I learn a lot from people, like some Australian phrases, like 'Good day', ‘Good day, mate!' something like that.

I do soccer, basketball, netball. Hang out with friends, I made a lot of friends. Many people from many other countries, such as Filipino, Malaysian, Indonesian, Chinese, and especially the Australian, of course.