Meet Jan

I am Jan from the Philippines which is famous for its many and beautiful islands.

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management in Cor Jesu College of Digos. I worked for less than a year in a famous pharmacy in the Philippines. As an individual who loves to study, I was never really satisfied of what I have achieved and because of that I have decided to engage myself once again into studying. I have chosen to study overseas specifically Australia for its education is highly valued in the Philippines.

In relation to my course, I enrolled myself in Diploma of Leadership and Management for I can see a better connection with my previous qualification that will generally carve a more fulfilling and rewarding career in the future. I have chosen Alana Kaye College as my education provider for they are one the best institutes in providing education in my chosen field.

Alana Kaye College really exceeds my expectations, the place itself is really good for it is very comfortable which helps the students to stimulate more learning. The staff are really friendly and would always love to help in anything you might need. The assessors and educators are one the best in Darwin and I love learning from them for the method they use is a very fun and interactive way. All in all, no doubt that I highly recommend Alana Kaye College especially to the international students for they will help from the start up to the fulfillment of your dreams.

Darwin, Northern Territory is a really amazing place and I am very happy for I have chosen Darwin as my new home. The weather in here is almost the same as in the Philippines. The people are really friendly. Also, what amazes me most is the nature and wildlife in Northern Territory. There are many places to be explored and live.

Overall, I am very thankful for this opportunity and love to give back in the community in a way of promoting youth empowerment.