Meet Helen

Hi, I am Helen from Chongqing, China, city known for spicy hotpot, beer and beautiful girls. Chongqing has a population of 30 million, more than the total population of Australia. The capital city was built on the mountains on the edge of the Changjiang River, China’s longest river.

Many people have asked me why I chose Darwin after living in London and Chongqing for many years. In fact, I liked London and I love Chongqing. But, now I am falling in love with Darwin. It is such an amazing place where you may meet people from every corner of the world and a variety of festivals and celebrations always bring people together to enjoy our beautiful life.

Also, there is no headache with traffic: five minutes’ drive to the beach, easy access to other public facilities and services, and so on.

Two years’ study at Charles Darwin University went fast but it was the most memorable time for me.

In mid-2016, I had a chance to do my internship for Deloitte at the Darwin office before finishing my course. During this program. I was able to practice what I learned from university. Also, this is how I received a job offer from Deloitte and started my professional career.

I believe I have a bright future in the Northern Territory and hope that more people can understand the opportunities here and come and study.