Meet Georgia

Hey there, my name's Georgia and I’m originally from a seaside city called Brighton in the UK.

I have been travelling for the past three years around South East Asia, New Zealand and in Australia for two years on a working holiday visa. I am now focused on my potential career in child care as I study a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care at the Australian Careers College in Darwin. While I already have four and a half years’ experience working within a childcare setting, this course will enhance the knowledge I already have and enable me to be a qualified educator in a centre in the future.

I chose to study in the Northern Territory (NT) after spending five months in 2015, enjoying my surroundings here and falling in love with the city of Darwin and the lifestyle it has to offer. There are a vast amount of amazing opportunities here, which I believe will give me the opportunity to learn new things not only about my chosen subject, but also culturally. The Northern Territory offers the opportunity to meet and socialise with other international students from all over the world, allowing me the chance to explore different cultures in a positive and supported environment.

Outside of the classroom I work part-time in a children’s day care centre which not only relates to my studies but is something I love greatly. Each day with children is different, offering me variety and spontaneity in the work place, which for me is positive as it keeps me on my toes. I also volunteer on Saturdays at my friend’s local business in the city, being able to help her out in return for experience is something I’m proud of.

In the Northern Territory I have travelled throughout Kakadu, Katherine Gorge and make regular trips to Litchfield National Park on weekends and public holidays when I can camp. I am hoping to take advantage of the dry season this year and head out camping more and experience and enjoy more of what the NT has to offer.