Meet Enggar

Hi, I am Enggar from Jakarta, Indonesia. I was born in Suriname and have lived in many different countries including Uzbekistan, DPR Korea, Oman, and United Arab Emirates. Darwin has been my home for more than six years as I graduated from Darwin High School in 2011 and completed a Bachelor of Accounting from Charles Darwin University (CDU) in 2013.

I strongly believe in the importance of music and the rights of every individual to be exposed to music education. For this reason, I decided to pursue my second degree in a Bachelor of Secondary Education (Music) course and am currently in my third year. Besides always wanting to study in an English-speaking country, one of the reasons I chose to study in the Northern Territory (NT) is its proximity to my home country, Indonesia.

The NT, particularly Darwin, provides a unique, diverse, and safe environment in which to live. In my leisure time I enjoy volunteering in community organisations such as with the Multicultural Broadcasting Council NT, Multicultural Youth NT, Australian Society of Music Education and as a CDU Student Ambassador. I strongly believe that volunteering has not only enabled me to meet new people, but also gain useful knowledge and experience for my future career.

Dancing is also one of my major interests and I perform many different types of Indonesian dances. Together with friends I co-founded the Winesia Dance Group, which has become one of a few dance groups well recognised by the NT Government. I enjoy the NT and love visiting its beautiful countryside. I look forward to getting to know the NT more.