Meet Cherry

Cherry first came to Darwin from Shanghai, China, on a school study tour and liked the city so much she returned to study at Charles Darwin University. Cherry works two days a week at an accounting firm and sees many benefits in studying at a smaller university.

My name is Qiwen Ding, but everyone calls me Cherry in Australia just for ease. I’ve been staying in Darwin for four years so far. I’m currently studying Bachelor of Accounting at Charles Darwin University.

Especially in Charles Darwin University there are small class education, so you will have more chances to interact with the lecturer and your fellow classmates in the class. The reason I stayed with Charles Darwin University is because I think university in Darwin offers more opportunities than universities elsewhere, in terms of scholarship availability, worker replacement, and small class teaching.

Well, first I came as an exchange student to Darwin with Darwin High School, and I do appreciate the study style in Australia compared to the one in China. In Australia we only need to choose six subjects that we are interested in for each semester, even when Mathematics and English are compulsory, there are different levels for people to choose, to fit their knowledge on hand and ability to learn.

I have two full-days work at an accounting firm, and on the weekend I have been teaching Chinese to the kids every Saturday morning for four years so far since I came to Australia. I guess it’s not only about teaching Chinese to the kids, whether they are from mainland China, or they were born in Australia with or without the Chinese background knowledge, but also it’s a potential way to spread the Chinese culture, and to improve the relationship between China and Australia in the future.