Portrait shot of Yuan
Study in Australia's Northern Territory Scholarship

Hi, everyone! My name is Yuan, I am from a lovely city in Taiwan, which is popular with tons of delicious local street food. The weather is quite similar with Darwin, which is also one of the reasons why I choose to study here.

I chose to study in Australia, as I have experience living in Australia, and I am quite familiar with it way of life and that will help the efficiency and effectiveness of my further study. Secondly, as I am a native Chinese speaker, and what I need to improve is English, it is obviously a better option to study here than anywhere else. Thirdly, the proposed course is a different area which I never touched with, so I have to lay a solid foundation before I can move into a higher level. Fourthly, as to the reputation of the education provider - Charles Darwin University, it teaches more practical skills, for which I can use directly in a real world and there are more local people who reside there which could improve my English in a higher level. Therefore, based upon all considerations above, I chose to study at Charles Darwin University in Darwin.

Thanks again for offering me the Study in Australia's Northern Territory Scholarship, which means a lot to me and I am really appreciate.