Portrait shot of Sandesh
Study in Australia's Northern Territory Scholarship

My name is Sandesh and I belong to a small but immensely beautiful country, Nepal - the country of majestic towering peak of Mount Everest. I am pursuing Master’s Degree of Engineering with specialization in Civil and Structural Engineering at Charles Darwin University (CDU). I feel honoured to receive a precious award, StudyNT scholarship, which I believe would help in achieving academic excellence at CDU and shaping my carrier in the sector.

I am fascinated by engineering profession and I dreamt to be successful by contributing to rural communities by my vision of building sustainable communities / cities with well-engineered world class remote road networks connecting people and their needs. I first realised the importance of such structures when I get involved in reconstruction activities after devastating earthquake on 25 April 2015. The rural people suffered a lot during that natural calamity. My life experiences have moulded me into a hardworking and what I would call an ‘unflappable’ person. My future goals include serving such deprived communities by helping them uplift their status, which I expect can be possible from the international exposure that I am gaining in near future.

It’s not been too long that I have arrived in Darwin, but I am already in love with this multicultural territory. One can get the chance to interact with multi-nationals, cultural exchange is every way possible here in Darwin. In addition, the scenic beauties, peaceful and easy going lifestyle, career opportunities are some among many benefits of this elegant place. The best decision I ever made is to choose Darwin as my study destination.