Study in Australia's Northern Territory Scholarship

My name is Renton. I previously came to Australia with a working holiday visa. During the time I stayed in Australia, I visited nearly every city. Personally, I enjoyed the living experience in Darwin because the people I met and the environment in Darwin were very Australian. I can feel the real Australia in Darwin, but not in other cities. Also, the weather in Darwin during the wet season is quite similar to the summer in Hong Kong - humid and hot. However, the weather during the dry season is amazing, it is quite a perfect balance of climate in Darwin.

The reason I want to study in Darwin is because Charles Darwin University (CDU) in the Northern Territory has a very good reputation. Also, the nationality mix in Northern Territory and CDU is fantastic. I want to study in Darwin not only to gain an overseas Bachelor’s degree, but also to improve my English skills, to expand my personal insight and to gain life experiences.

I have always been interested in studying English. I am now keen to focus on improving my academic English and I want to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in IT at CDU. I really believe in the saying:

"If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got.”

This quote reminds me all the time that success is by forcing yourself out of your comfort zone and to never stop improving yourself.

Country: India
Studying: General English
Educational institution: Navitas English Darwin