Portrait shot of Minami
Study in Australia's Northern Territory Scholarship

Hi, my name is Minami, from Yamagata, in Japan. I am thrilled, excited and thankful to be awarded a Northern Territory scholarship to help with my child care studies.

I feel blessed to be able to further my studies under the Australian teaching system. I am fully committed to spending the next two years studying hard and learning in Darwin. I’m also super excited to be studying Early Childhood, Education and Care at BCA National Training Group in the Northern Territory. I have always loved the Territory lifestyle. Having already briefly visited the NT, I enjoyed the climate, environment and multicultural the Territory offers. I definitely relish the chance to visit and travel, hopefully exploring places such as Kakadu, Litchfield, Katherine and Alice Springs.

After completing high school, I became a swimming teacher. For five years I have taught in Japan and Australia. I adore teaching children, and believe this experience will benefit me greatly, studying two years of BCA Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.

Moreover, I would also like to try and find a volunteer position at a kindergarten, as an educator of sports for the children in the Northern Territory, to share my knowledge, benefit the local community, and assist with my own early child education learning.

I look forward to my journey here in the Northern Territory, thank you for this scholarship and allowing my dreams be more affordable and achievable.