Portrait shot of Hari
Study in Australia's Northern Territory Scholarship

My name is Hari and I am proud Nepalese citizen. I completed my bachelor’s degree in business administration. Towards moving on the same career line to be well focused I started studying Master of Professional Accounting (Professional Practice) in Charles Darwin University, Northern Territory.

But why Charles Darwin University and why in Darwin? To make you clear that I have researched, and I am experiencing the academic excellence and innovation that one and only Charles Darwin University can provide. Charles Darwin University is one of most culturally diverse universities in Australia. As well as for the international students like me, it has provided a safe environment and helps to engage in social activities that develops friendships in the wider university community which I am feeling right now.

The Northern Territory is said to be the fastest growing economy in Australia due to our rich natural resources, agriculture and tourism. Truly, Darwin offers different life from other big cities - it is where Australia’s urban meets the outback. It has not been hard for me to adjust to a new environment. It is warm which makes me feel like I am at my home. Obviously, coming to new place is challenging but it has been easy to engage with new friends, a new language, and its beauties are so fruitful to me. So, with different reasons I felt that I made the right decision to choose my master course in Darwin.