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Looking for a day out of Darwin? Or a weekend away? Here are some ideas. Get a group of friends together, hire a car, and off you go.

Day trips to Litchfield National Park where you can hike and swim in natural pools and waterfalls. Mary River Wetlands is home to beautiful birds and crocodiles (don't go swimming here!) and at the Territory Wildlife Park you'll meet local animals such as wallabies, dingoes, snakes and lizards. The refreshing pools of Berry Springs Nature Park are great for swimming, or walk their Monsoon Rainforest and Woodlands Walk.

Weekends allow you explore Kakadu National Park with ancient rock landscapes looking over the largest wetlands in Australia. Aboriginal Rock Art painted on the cliffs that is 1000s of years old. Paddle canoes up Katherine Gorge and watch the sunset over this ancient landscape. Visit the aboriginal communities of the Tiwi Islands just north of Darwin and understand their art and culture.