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Top tip:

Darwin is a tropical city - tall trees, hot weather and wild animals! It's an exciting experience living here especially for students who are used to living in inner cities. Be ready to stay close to mother nature!" - Amy Zhang.

Get a group of friends together and head down the track* to Fogg Dam, Finniss River, Manton Dam, Adelaide River or Windows on the Wetlands for a day out. Swim, learn more about Australia's Northern Territory is teeming with exotic birdlife, mammals, reptiles and marine life. Get ready for some inspiring nature and wildlife experiences.

Home to over 400 species of birds, the Darwin region is a 'bird watchers' paradise. Join a bird watching group, or grab a map and head out on your own. The Territory Wildlife Park, a 45 minute drive south of Darwin, is the place to see wallabies, dingos and more. The flight deck bird show is a highlight.

There are more crocodiles in the Northern Territory than anywhere else in the world. Local attractions Crocosaurus Cove and Crocodylus Park in Darwin allow you to safely see some of the world’s biggest saltwater crocodiles.

Darwin is flanked by two beautiful national parks, Litchfield and Kakadu, just a short drive away. View exquisite landscapes, abundant wildlife and pristine river systems. Swim under waterfalls and soak in natural springs.

The parks, beaches and walking trails around Darwin city itself also ensure you live in a place of natural beauty and experience it everyday.

Hello my new friend! Do you love animals? Let's go to the Territory Wildlife Park!

* Territorians call the Stuart Highway, which runs from Darwin to Adelaide, 'the Track'.