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Quick tips:

  • Before you get to Australia make sure your phone is unlocked - so you are able to use a pre-paid SIM card when you get here.
  • Make sure your phone provider has access in other parts of the Northern Territory and Australia.
  • Use phone cards to make international phone calls - it is much cheaper than using your mobile phone.
  • Use free WiFi - WiFi is often free at your education provider and in locations around the city.


A Prepaid SIM card lets you decide how much you want to spend and easily ‘top up’ the amount of credit. Many shops, post offices and service stations sell mobile phones, prepaid starter packs and top-up credit.

If you will be using your mobile a lot, a phone contract service will give you more calls, texts and data at cheaper prices, but you will usually be locked into paying for 12 to 24 months, and may need credit checks to apply.

Internet services

Internet services in Australia are similar to phone services; you can choose prepaid or contract, and many phone providers in Australia also provide internet services. Depending on where you live and how much data you need, you might want to connect to a home internet service, or purchase a mobile WiFi device, use your phone as a mobile internet ‘hotspot’, or use free public WiFi services.

Free WiFi and internet access

Free Wi-Fi is available in many public places in the Northern Territory, including most education providers, bus interchanges and some buses, public libraries and Darwin’s Smith Street Mall and Alice Springs’ Todd Mall.

Making international phone calls

The International dialing code from within Australia is 0011. You would dial 0011 + country code + area code + telephone number. To call Australia from overseas, dial 61 followed by the area code (dropping the zero from the front) and telephone number.