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One of the best things about living and studying in the Northern Territory is the friendships you will develop.

A great place to start is your fellow students. Check online and public noticeboards and newsletters for information about social events and activities such as concerts, sports and volunteering.

Volunteering is a great way to meet people, develop new skills and of course help the local community. Volunteering SA/NT has volunteering opportunities available, ranging from one-off events through to regular commitments.

There are over 100 multicultural organisations in the Northern Territory who organise cultural events, mark religious festivals and provide support within their community. The Territory's multicultural groups come together to celebrate our diversity at the Darwin Waterfront Harmony Soiree each June.

International students have set up social media groups which you might like to join before you arrive in Darwin - they can offer you tips about living in Australia's Northern Territory.

Keep in touch with the community. The NT News publishes a community diary every Tuesday with information about community events.

Local radio stations are another good source of information:

  • in Darwin, try listening to, Hot 100 (FM 100.1), Territory FM (FM 104.1), Mix 104.9 (FM 104.9) or ABC Darwin (FM 105.7)
  • in Alice Springs, choices include Sun 969 (FM 96.9) and 8CCC (FM 102.1).